Typeface Observations

enotmik-typefaceDifferent kinds of typeface have certain meanings for each product, or company. An example of this is Cocoa Puffs cereal, the typeface is decorative/cartoonish, has round edges, and a kid friendly feeling. Law firms are on the other side of this spectrum. The typeface tends to be serif or sans-serif, it is bold, hard edges, and the tracking is closer together. Having these features makes for a professional look that attracts people looking for a credible law firm.

On the flip side of this having a decorative typeface in a professional setting can cause confusion among visitors. This communicates to the future customers that the company may not be as serious as once thought. Another typeface that works well for signatures, but not on billboards or signs is the script typeface. With this on signs that need to be read from far away the text bunches together and makes it unreadable. Making sure you follow basic guidelines for typeface allows for a professional, fun or whatever look you are striving for.




The Effect of Photoshop on Images in Our Society

photoshop_effects1In this day in age Photoshop has made us all lazy. (Day) To this point I would like to add that it allows us to take pictures from far away that normally would need to be cropped, but with new technology like Photoshop you can crop it later. Thanks to programs like Photoshop taking pictures over the past twenty years has vastly changed. Now instead of taking a professional photo of a model you can take a regular picture and doll him/her up to look the skinniest, blemish-less, and perfect person in the world. You would have to have the perfect setting for sunset, makeup, and lighting. (Campbell)

Nowadays with how versatile programs like Photoshop are any kind of back drop, fantasy scene or design to a car can be made with the click of a mouse. One of the most prolific changes made with Photoshop are with historical pictures, and events. “Historical photographs can be photoshopped just as easily as any other image, which leaves you wondering if you are viewing a historical painting or a modern piece of Photoshop art.”(Campbell) With fakes and frauds out in the world there are many ways for people in business to be tricked into buying a piece of art that looks real, that could have easily been photoshopped.

Another key movement involving Photoshop is advertisement, which can manipulate a picture in a unreal way to try and wow you to buy their product. Companies that used to pay photographers for perfect shots for their ads can now just pay someone to make the ad for them, getting it as close to perfect as you can. (Campbell) Advertisements can place certain objects, people, or animals in a place that you would never see them before. All of these techniques are just ways in the digital media that companies get your attention to buy their product.

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Privacy – The Impact on Facebook


Facebook is a site that I was a frequent visitor to all during my high school, and early college career. During the last year or so I decided to delete my Facebook for two reasons: How confusing the privacy settings were, and the constant gossiping of my fellow peers. For me being able to log onto Facebook to check a few things here and there was fine, but after constant updates to the site, and different terms and conditions to agree to, I was done. I will discuss two main points on the privacy impact to Facebook in this blog on why it isn’t Facebook’s fault, but also why people are getting fed up.

My opinion of all of this was that Facebook was out to get as much information from me as possible, and they were going to do it in the slyest way too. After I read an article I noticed that Facebook has agreed to a settlement with the FTC to get a clean privacy bill of health every two years. (Manjoo) Having something like this would ease some people’s minds to know that they have at have some standards as to what they can and can’t do. Here is a quote that I pulled from the website at “You should approach Facebook as cautiously as you would approach your open bedroom window.” (Manjoo) This to me shows you that you can do whatever you want to, but someone may be there to do something harmful, and not just your grandma is seeing these pictures. Having a Facebook made me think that I was invisible to others that I blocked or made my page private to, but now knowing that even a single picture that I take and post can be traced to my house I now keep things like that off of the internet. I am not saying this is Facebook’s fault, just mine for being naive.

The flip side to this is that some users are fed up with the lack of privacy they truly have, and even after making a private page found out their information is still readily available. The constant updates that Facebook has are what get people on updating their privacy settings. One user from a site I visited posted a picture after an update showing her settings had been switched from her “Old Settings” to “Everyone”, and if she wanted them changed you had to go throw various tabs to reach them. (Hamlin) Having such a difficult and troublesome way of finding certain settings show why average people are getting fed up with Facebook and moving on to other business social network sites like Linked-In.

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